Welcome to Acadia Architecture, a collaborative design atelier.


The focus of our work is mainly high-end residential, light commercial design and master planning, albeit our experience includes educational buildings as well.

What is your story?


The challenge of design is to translate complex information and thoughts into a story that helps people find meaning. And this is when a change of heart happens.

Master a way of thinking, not a style of design. Good design should be honest, enduring, useful, and enjoyable. Human-centered design never goes out of style.

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Design with empathy. Connecting, resonating and understanding the users lets design solutions come to the service of people.

We strongly believe in the value of research, artful and creative design, tailoring spaces to people's needs, personalities and a sense of place.

Any new project has the right to an innovative and unique approach that responds to its location, time, technology, user-specific requirements and background. We respect cultural richness as it informs the design.

While we find pleasure in aesthetics research, we are aware that such qualities will naturally follow a flexible, open, flowing, four-dimensional floor plan and section.

Sustainable design should not be a series of elements added to a building but rather a common-sense approach to an environmentally intelligent design, as well as a keen scientific knowledge of thermal efficiency.

We allow for the final design to happen organically in concert with the input of the end users and accepting all of the limitations imposed on the project as an occasion for creativity, not obstacles.

We also realize that dealing efficiently with nature, materials, colors, preparing artistic renderings, managing construction, obtaining bids is best obtained with the input of qualified professionals. And that’s where the collaborative nature of Acadia really shines.

We really do care about the aesthetic quality of a space: to us that's respecting the environment as much as specific “green design” is.

We’ll become partner in what it is always a non linear process, throughout construction and completion as requested.

A few words about the design approach.


We like to see the built environment with our own current eyes, which means with a contemporary objective attitude.  While we all carry the seeds of our past experiences, the culture and world in which we grew in, every time we stretch the importance of having a fresh, open approach to a new, unique need.

As such, inspiration may well come from the lesson of history and nature around us, but also from the emotional power of an image from a movie, a novel, a trip and more importantly, from the psychological value that together we decided to endow a space with.

The design starts with hand sketches, evolves with a complete 3D model and renderings, and it is fine tuned in very detailed construction documents.

The act of “making” architecture becomes a sharing of these experiences, ambitions and visions synthesizing them into a new place, a place with character. Our job is to be catalysts and guide you through the many possibilities.

During construction, we closely collaborate with the General Contractor to assure a proper outcome of the approved design.

The purpose of this endeavor together, the commissioner and the architect, is to enhance human interaction, well-being, comfort, protection, emotions and ultimately, happiness.


Davide (pronounced dahveedeh ) studied at

La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.



Davide Giannella, licensed architect

Principal Acadia Architecture