Before and After Remodel 1



Before and After...

We usually design new homes and very rarely take on remodels, additions.

In few cases we did, when the challenge was particularly interesting.

Here are two recently completed Los Altos large remodels.

The usual tension is between the desire for a completely new and contemporary space and design elements, and the necessity of keeping a large amount of the existing framework, basic “bones” while interpreting them.

In other words, not only the metamorphosis should appear seamless and organic, but also it should start from the respect of the original house concept, only streamlining it, seeing its potential and expressing it with a current vocabulary.

It's an act of balance, sensibility for the history of the place, using the existing skeleton as a ramp for something exciting nowadays and influenced by the new family living there.

In the case of the shown here, given its strong triangular “face”, we looked back at the postmodern classic design of R. Venturi and his Vanna House as an historical modern reference.

The splitting of the triangle to bring natural light deep into this iconic shape volume was the first “sign” we adopted.

 The obvious yet at times counter-intuitive lesson is that dealing with strong, existing conditions is much more difficult than developing something completely ex-novo.