Palo Alto Eichler Remodel



The project is a remodeling and renovation of a 1950 nondescript Eichler in Palo Alto, originally with a flat roof throughout, but for an unusual gable roof.

It lacked a clear point of entry (the previous main door was hidden on the side), the flat and low roof/ceiling prevented natural light from gracing the center of the house. It also lacked curb appeal, mass, as it can be seen from the existing exterior photo.

We added shed mansard roofs, clerestories windows, relocated the kitchen from its previous central position, opened up spaces so that the small square footage could be used to its maximum, blurring the boundaries between kitchen, dining, living room. Bathrooms were modernized.

The house feels much more spacious even though no floor area was added (the setbacks were maximized already).

A new complex hydro-radiating heating system was devised. The cabinets and other furniture were sourced from Italy.

Metal roofing, asymmetrical composition, smooth stucco kept the original modernist intention while dignifying the building with more character, adding warmth.

The mansards roofs allowed for additional insulation while reducing the flat roof overall area, improving drainage.