Palo Alto Renovation



Colonial House Remodel Addition

We barely modified the overall shape of this colonial house in Palo Alto, yet I believe there's always the opportunity for originality in any adobe. After all its original creation had probably good intentions.

The tension toward something better and more expressive is always already there, just dormant.

It is our work to pull it out and make it spouse the spirit of the people who will enliven that intensified space.

In this case, a stylized yet playful, joyful atmosphere is what I felt better draped the cheerful family who would move in it.

A very custom railing at the front balcony with special hardware added the necessary street-side “shield” , privacy effect while mimicking ancient crafts.

Similarly an entry screen wall with concealed lighting resembled the Shoji art of paneling.

Very elongated skylights chases matching the bi-folding doors' length gave a tree-dimensional touch to the light entering the main space.

A custom panelized and uniform ensemble of cabinets, appliances container and hidden push-release door, hides the powder room in the center of the public space. This half bathroom was so concealed that it was missed during city inspections.

The Italian wood curved fascia railing for the new stair proves that modern doesn't need be stark or predictable.

Different materials on the floor meet each others where they better felt, not at room delineations.

The exterior cedar siding was stained solid at the front of the house and semitransparent at the rear, where a more natural landscape called for a more organic feel.

A colonial house rendered modern with a standing seam metal roofing? Why not, but with rare clay color metal panels so not to deviate too much from the original traditional spirit.