Woodside House



An existing mid-century modernist country house. We decided to work with the existing beautiful living room and continued that vaulted ceiling theme with wood siding into the new areas.

The town of Woodside was very adamant that the new exterior profile wouldn't be visible from the street, so we played with the angles of the roof sheds and their direction with that aim. 

One characteristic of the original house was an exterior wood cladding with a few horizontal grooves.

So in the new one, the stucco reveals a similar grid, obtained with aluminum channels, as well as a respect for the original curved exterior corners.

Radiant ceilings operated by a heat pump, custom LED lights with adjustable color temperature with a minimal aperture in the ceilings, photovoltaics, deep overhangs, a conditioned crawl space, urethane foam insulation, make this house extremely energy efficient.

An eleven foot long island required a special search for one unique slab with no seams. Cabinetry was sourced from Italy.